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    Our regular workshops may have been cancelled but that doesn't stop us! - Our artists are busy creating workshop ideas to post on this page to help maintain our creative wellbeing. We have them public and free to access. There's photography, painting and print making ideas with more to follow...

    Share your creations with us on social media!

    Collagraph Workshop Tutorial:

    Watch our two part video tutorial to learn how to create your very own textured collagraph  print from home, no printing press required! Download the materials and step by step worksheet here.

    Abstract Sound Paintings

    Materials - Watercolour paints, paint brushes and paper (ideally thicker than copier paper)

    1. Find yourself a quiet spot, away from background conversations
    2. Listen to your surroundings, can you hear bird song, the hum of a road or running water?
    3. When you are ready take a large paintbrush and dip it in water only. Brush this across your paper to dampen it.
    4. Start painting! Respond to the sounds around you as you make your brushmarks and lose yourself in the painting process
    5. Change the colours or speed you apply the paint to mimic the sounds you hear
    6. There is no right or wrong when you are finshed try another

    See the video below for an example or turn up the volume to create your own sound painting with the same audio.

    Photography Challenge: Inspired by Willie Robb's Photography exhibition

    Willie Robb Anchor Inn Cow and Swimmer 2012

    Photographer Willie Robb currently has artworks on display at MKUH along the top corridor. Often autobiographical they reflect everyday life and fittingly look to create optimism and beauty from apparently insignificant surroundings. Find out more about his exhibition here.

    Activity: Using any camera you have, take 5 photographs each day of things that were there before but you noticed or looked at differently today. It could be on your daily exercise or at home - a sign of hope in those insignificant surroundings, capture it in a photograph.

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