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Bill Smith

Bill Smith is an artist who lived and worked in Milton Keynes for many years. His cerebral palsy challenged him to create his own unique way of making art.
Eros, Piccadilly, Felt Tip on Paper, Bill Smith

Bill Smith's cerebral palsy makes control of the movements of his arms and hands extremely difficult. He spends hours at his drawings, working with tremendous concentration to ensure that the shapes and lines are what he wants to achieve.

As he is unable to control brushes and paint as he would want, he has developed a specific technique using felt-tips that have to be held and moved horizontally to the paper.

“I use felt pens to create colour and have to concentrate very hard to control my hand to draw everything free-hand.  I do not use a ruler to draw the straight lines.  Just as people learn to paint with their feet or their mouth to overcome a disability, so I developed a technique to hold my hand still so I can also paint.”

Bill's main inspirations are drawn from famous landmarks and buildings, and from his love for the work of the artist LS Lowry (1887–1976). 

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