Using the arts to improve health and wellbeing

MK Arts for Health works with health, community and corporate clients across the Milton Keynes area to devise manage and deliver art projects, artist-in-residence schemes and arts-in-hospitals programmes. We work with Hospital patients, Hospital staff, local communities, artists, architects, consultants & other professionals and volunteers to introduce exciting new artwork and cultural experiences to the physical environment of Milton Keynes in healthcare settings and the wider local community.

Why the community needs us

Taking part in arts activity is proven to have health benefits. MK Arts for Health runs and Arts on Prescription programme. People are referred to the programme for a variety of health issues including mental health conditions, pain relief and alzheimers. All the people who have taken part in Arts on Prescription have reported that it has improved their wellbeing. Participants have also reported that taking part has increase their confidence, relieved stress and reduced isolation.

Arts for Health Milton Keynes
Facilities Directorate
Milton Keynes Hospital
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Milton Keynes
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Arts for Health Milton Keynes is the working name of MK Arts for Health charity number 1107625  company number 0513769