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Mandy Panter

Where Time Stood Still (2020) acrylic paint on canvas, approx. 30 x 40cm

‘An idyllic scenery featuring a landscape of rocky terrain and a sea of trees shadowing the water from the rays of the sun all while a lonesome boat mindlessly wonders across the river not knowing where its journey will end.’ [Mandy Panter]

About the artist / artwork

During lockdown many of us were inspired to make artworks after watching artists and tutorials on TV– the likes of Greyson Perry's Art Club on Channel 4 and Life Drawing Live! on BBC4 offered the opportunity to feel part of a virtual artistic community and share artworks from our ‘home studios’ with others.

Artist Mandy Panter’s artwork was inspired after watching the 1980s/90s series, The Joy of Painting hosted by the artist Bob Ross. Each half an hour episode takes the viewer step by step from blank canvas to completed painting using a characteristic wet on wet oil painting technique, created with brushes and pallet knives.

Image courtesy of the artist ©Copyright  Mandy Panter 2020

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