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Hamburg Series: Jane Walker 

April 2021 - April 2022


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This series of artworks are based on images of Hamburg, a city the artist visited recently and viewed from church spires that survived the 2nd World War. The city is drawn and re-drawn, changing the scale of the buildings, turning them upside down, to give them a suspended, abstract appearance. The smallest buildings at the bottom under pressure, until they are no longer attached to their rectangular shape.

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Artworks left to right:   Hambug Series No.1 (2019), acrylic on collage, 91 x 69 cm £350 |  Divided (2019) acrylic and collage on paper 72 x 91 cm, £350 |  Sunken City (2019) acrylic & collage on cotton handmade paper, 89 x 74cm, £350 | Dark Sun (2019) acrylic on paper collage, 87 x 68cm, £350 |  Upside down City (2019) acrylic on packaging paper, 80 x 102cm, £450 |

In the past the artist has glued pieces of cut up oil paintings, travel tickets, photos into watercolours.

These complex works now form the background of current compositions. They are worked over in layers of water-based media, to which dry media, chalk and pigments ar added. The original paintings reduced to just their texture, a patchwork, or collage. The white lines are on the surface of these older artworks, they form a unity, cutting them off from the earlier painting below. If there is no tension, purpose or they do not hold together they are erased and re-painted.

Walker’s technique is also inspired by a piece of music; Hubeau's trumpet sonata, composed in Paris in 1942, the piano sounds as if it is accompanying something completely different to the solo it is written to accompany. “This fascinated me, and I wanted to see if it were possible to get two layers to turn away from each other, and face in opposite directions in a painting” [Jane Walker]. Composition in this sense is a mathematical presence in the arrangement of the lines. Lines are formed of dashes with a rhythm in them;  the speed and tension pick up on music, sounds and vibrations.

︎ About the Artist: 
Jane Walker is a Sheffield based artist who studied at the Royal Academy Schools graduating in 1990. Her artworks are influenced by cities and form abstracted urban landscapes, often drawing together painting and musical performance-based artworks. Discover more at: www.jane-walker.co.uk | Instagram: @gillianjanewalker.
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︎Did you know? At least 20% from artwork sales at Milton Keynes University Hospital goes directly to Arts for Health Milton Keynes? This helps to fund exhibitions like this of emerging and established artists at Milton Keynes University Hospital; look after their collection of over 400 artworks and fund health and wellbeing focused arts projects around hospital and in the local community.

All images courtesy of the artist ©JaneWalker

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