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Hannah Wilson 

Dates: 27th September 2016 - 6th January 2018

Location: Milton Keynes University Hospital

Hannah says, “The women I paint are figments of my imagination. Despite the fact that I give myself the entirety of my imagination to play with, these girls are usually in very mundane situations; such as sitting with their feet dipped in a pool or putting on a grimace to someone just beyond the canvas. They appear as if they are in a constant state of contemplation; like there is something just beyond their reach and we are peering in on them at an inappropriate moment, which gives them a sense of awkwardness. Painting has been a lifelong pursuit of mine, and I thoroughly enjoy taking every opportunity to push the boundaries of it further and challenge what it means to represent an image. In the realm of figurative painting which is usually rooted in working from life or photography, my women are exciting in their unpredictability.“

︎ You can read Hannah’s full interview in our 2018 blog here:

About the Artist:
I was born in Milton Keynes Hospital and have lived there my whole life, until moving to London in 2013 to pursue a BA (Hons) in Fine Art at Goldsmiths University.”


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