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Terry Taylor

Landscape of Evasion [ed.10/10] 2005, 2005, C-Print on Aluminium, Terry Taylor 

The process of Terry's work begins with a walk in a remote landscape, during which he will photograph a scene or viewpoint.

He chooses the location carefully – considering both the geological history and also his emotional response to the landscape.  Terry then records the scene by taking multiple images, scanning the area from one position. The images capture all that is visible within a person's peripheral vision.

The second stage is to import the multiple images into a computer. From the individual frames, he reconstructs a seamless large-scale image that eventually shows no sign of its construction. As he works on the reconstruction he makes decisions about the editing, leaving things out and distorting perspectives, bending peripheral vision to fit the flat picture plane. The result is an image reminiscent of its origins but altered.

Terry is inspired by a quote from Francis Bacon saying “I think if you want to convey fact, this can only ever be done through a form of distortion. You must distort to transform what is called appearance into image”.

The two pieces by Terry Taylor in the collection are both C-prints. They were created by exposing a colour negative or slide to Chromogenic photographic paper (wet process paper) that contains three emulsion layers, each of which is sensitised to a different primary colour. After the image has been exposed, it is submerged in a chemical bath, where each layer reacts to the chemicals to create a full-colour image. Because the chemicals are so complex, the image continues to react even after the process is completed. The chemicals are also extremely sensitive to water, light and heat, making it difficult to protect C-prints from deterioration.

Note these artworks have temporarily been removed from display.

Terry Taylor studied at High Wycombe College of Art and Design, Durham University and Bournemouth and Poole College of Art and Design.

He has been an artist and teacher most of his life. Between 1994 and 2001 he was employed jointly by Arts Council England, universities and arts institutions to research art in education.

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