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︎ Art Bubble Archive An online exhibition of COVID-19 responsive artworks created by Art Bubble participants can be explored here. 

Art Bubble
Free art activities to support wellbeing

During the Covid-19 pandemic over the last two years, many of us have faced health challenges and been left feeling anxious or with difficult experiences to process.

What is Art Bubble?
Art Bubble was four free, weekly art sessions. It was a safe, friendly space where an artist helped people to explore their concerns by supporting them to express them through different drawing, painting, and collage activities. No previous art experience was necessary!

Art Bubble offered a welcoming place where participants could enjoy creating their own individual pieces of artwork but also make work together with others on the course. By the end of four weeks, participants had produced a variety of artworks expressing their concerns to others in an original and creative way.  On completion of the sessions, we hoped that they would have found them so helpful and rewarding that they’d want to carry on creating artwork independently, as part of helping themselves to feel better and stay well long term.

Who was it for?
Anyone age 18 and over, from any background with a diagnosis or pre-diagnosis of a mental health concern was welcome to apply. 

When were the Sessions?
The same 4-week course ran on these series dates:

  • Workshop Series 1:  AUG 1, 8, 15, 22                     10am – 12noon
  • Workshop Series 2:  AUG 4, 11, 18, 25                    6.30pm – 8.30pm
  • Workshop Series 3:  SEPT 12, 26, OCT 3, 10           10am – 12noon
  • Workshop Series 4:  OCT 17, 24, 31, NOV 7            10am – 12noon
  • Workshop Series 5:  NOV 21, 28, DEC 5, 12            10am – 12noon
How do I book?
Course fully subscribed - referrals are now

Course Activities:
Drawings, collage and mixed media artworks, plus collaborative drawings. Guided by the group and led by their conversations subjects included the following themes:

  • Outdoors
  • Fear
  • Bereavement
  • Guilt
  • Living with COVID-19

All expressed in a meaningful abstract context.

Naomi’s Artwork: Abstract piece (Found imagery, collage on paper)

Participants felt able to express their feelings during the sessions and that the experience has left them wanting to explore more art activities.

Participant quotes: 
Qu. What have you learned? How will you continue to use what you have learned?

“That you can use art no matter where you are to express your feeling without other necessarily knowing what you mean from the Art piece. I will try to use art to express the feelings I find it hard to talk about.”

“That it is helpful to express feelings into an Art format as a way of expression of anxieties.” 

Qu. Any other comments about Art Bubble?

“[It was] very helpful. I met others who have felt the same anxieties and fears from lockdown, and also the future with Covid. I found the Art Bubble sessions very worthwhile.”

Qu. Of the work that you completed, what has been the most valuable or meaningful to you?

“I was able to put my feelings into art drawings, these were used in a group collage representing how we felt during covid and lockdown. Very powerful.”

Busy 18.8.2022
Art Bubble Series 1 Participants Collaborative Artwork:
Ink Pen Collage on Paper

This project was kindly funded by Milton Keynes Council: Covid Team

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