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Creative Play: music and song

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Two 12-week music and song courses for mums and babies
Attendance by booking / referral only

12 weekly music sessions for mums who are feeling low, struggling with the pressures of being a mum, feeling anxious and/or easily overwhelmed. For those who have lost interest in the world around them, or who have feelings of guilt, hopelessness and self-blame.

Over the 12 sessions a trained musician will support participants to engage in singing and musical activities. There will be the opportunity to learn new musical and singing skills in a caring, safe and secure environment. Will allow participants to find connections with other mums going through similar experiences and find a new community of acceptance and understanding. Bring your baby and be part of the musical magic of group singing, learn new songs that you can sing at home.

The sessions will consist of an hour of singing and music intervention, 15 minute stagger arrival and departure time and 30 minutes to chat and enjoy a cup of tea/coffee and something sweet.

The sessions will be centred around mothers but encourages mothers to bring their babies and children under 5 to come along to the sessions.


12pm - 2pm

Here is the next session:
Tuesday 12th March
Tuesday 19th March
Tuesday 26th March
Tuesday 9th April
Tuesday 16th April
Tuesday 23rd April
Tuesday 30th April
Tuesday 7th May
Tuesday 14th May
Tuesday 21st May
Mums can join the course at any time.

The Robin’s Children’s Centre
Heelands School
Milton Keynes
MK13 7QL

Second course
We have arranged a second course at a new location.
Please see below of the full set of dates:


Wednesday 24th April
Wednesday 1st May
Wednesday 8th May
Wednesday 15th May
Wednesday 22nd May
Wednesday 5th June
Wednesday 12th June
Wednesday 19th June
Wednesday 26th June
Wednesday 3rd July
Wednesday 10th July
Wednesday 17th July
Little Owls Children's Centre
Oxley Park Community Centre
Redgrave Drive
Oxley Park

Regularly asked Q&A

Do I need to have a formal diagnosis of PND or other peri natal mental health challenges to attend?
No you do not need a formal diagnosis. If you are feeling any of the following symptoms:

- feeling sad, low in mood or tearful much of the time
- feeling agitated or irritable towards your partner, baby or other children
- loss of interest in the world around you and
- no longer enjoying things that used to give you pleasure (like you "cannot be bothered")
- lack of energy and feeling tired all the time
- problems concentrating and making decisions
- loss of appetite or overeating (comfort eating)
- negative thoughts such as feeling you are not a good enough mother,
- feelings of guilt, hopelessness and self-blame
- feeling anxious that something bad may happen to your baby
- problems bonding with your baby, no sense of enjoyment in being with them

We accept referrals from health care providers as well as self referrals.

Will there be facilities for my baby?
Yes, there are changing facilities and products will be available if you require them.

How will I be supported in the sessions
There will be 2 trained musicians running the sessions there will also be an additional member of the project team in the room to support you where needed. Family Centre staff will also be on hand to help where needed.

Can health care professionals refer individuals onto the programme?
Yes, we have referral partners but will also take referrals from other care professionals.

Can I refer myself onto the programme?
Yes you can.

Do I have to attend all 12 sessions?
No, if you feel you cannot attend a session that is totally fine.

Do I need to have any musical experience to attend?
No you don’t need any previous experience.

Do I have to feel extremes in order to be accepted onto the programme?
No you don’t.

Will I need to fill in lots of paper work?
No, we will be asking some questions about yourself at the beginning, middle and end of the project but this paper work will be completed with support of a member of staff.

Are the workshops free to attend?
Yes, the workshops are free as this is a funded project. The project is funded by Youth Music: Trailblazer Fund.

For any further questions please email
How do I book?
To register interest on the programme please download and complete the referral form below. Please send your completed referral to

Referral form ︎︎︎

or contact us on:


︎ or 01908 996124

Places will be offered on a first come, first served basis. There are 10 places on offer.


︎Looking for Activities to try at home whilst we process your referral?
Have you tried our online activities yet? There is plenty to explore from home including photography ideas, painting tips and music to listen to. Explore here

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