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Lance Fennell

Two Bridges, oil on board / frame , 75 x  50 cm (including frame)

Lance Fennell’s paintings are inspired by the things and places he sees every day; whether the view out of the window, the chair in the corner of his studio at Westbury Arts Centre (below) or the two bridges that cross from Loughton over the A5 and railway (above); apparently insignificant surroundings to those of us who see them every day are given undue care and attention.

Chair by a Window,  oil on board 75 x 100 cm (including frame)

In recent times these everyday surroundings, have become just that, every-day. To track those seasonal changes through the same window seems a perfect metaphor of many of us this year. For Fennell the artworks evolve over a period of time, sometimes taking up to a year to make, the artist says  “I like feeding into them the new information as I accumulate it.“ [Lance Fennell] 

Fittingly the artist repurposes old frames within the artworks, often but not always painting over the frame as well at the middle. The final artworks form a static but edited memory or time capsule of changes over the period.

Studio Window, Oil on board/frame, 75 x 100 cm (including frame)

About the Artist

Lance Fennell is a local artist, based at Westbury Arts Centre, where his practice specialises in painting and drawing. You can find out more on: http://www.lancefennell.co.uk/

Note: Dimensions are approximate, width first, including frames.

All Images courtesy of the artist  ©Copyright Lance Fennell 2020

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