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Online Activities & Resources

Alina Orchestra and Arts for Health Milton Keynes present…


30th April - 16th July 2021  (Watch the full series here︎) 

︎Week 1: Peace / Beginnings

Week 1 Starting Evaluation Form

Welcome to week 1. Please complete our Starting Evaluation Form by clicking here or copying and pasting the link below into your web browser:

We want to know a bit more about you and your interest in music. By completing this survey, we will find out how the events of the last year have affected your mood and positivity, and how this project can help you. We also want to know if you had an interest in classical music before starting this project, how you listened to it or if this is the beginning of your classical music journey.

Find out more information about the Music4Mindfulness programme here.

︎Week 2: Solo

︎Week 3: Music for Strings

︎Week 4: Myths & Legends

︎Week 5: Nature

︎Week 6: Dance (part 1)

︎Week 7: A Taste of Spain

︎Week 8: Woodwind

︎Week 9: Water

︎Week 10: Dance (part 2)

︎Week 11: Opera

︎Week 12: The Orchestra

︎︎︎ Enjoyed these? 

Have you listed to our Music for a While series? While away the time listening to a handpicked selection of inspirational music:

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