An Arts on Prescription programme for children and young people aged 8 - 17 years


Using art to improve the health and wellbeing of children and young people who experience health challenges such as: stress, anxiety, depression or pain.

HEADSTART is an Arts on Prescription programme that offers young people access to high quality multiple arts workshops in a low stress, supportive environment. Through focused hands-on activities we provide relaxation and distraction, giving participants personal space away from day to day life. 

How can HEADSTART programmes help?
  • Increasing confidence
  • Learning new skills
  • Distraction from pain and problems
  • Spending time doing something enjoyable
  • Making friends

We currently offer the following Programmes:

︎︎︎ HEADSTART Artforms (Ages 8 – 13)

This programme provides up to 12 weekly 1.5 hour mixed artform workshops. Workshops are small groups of up to 10 young people and led by professional artists. Activities can include composing and creating, as well as performance skills and creative writing.

︎HEADSTART Art (Ages 13 – 17)

This programme provides up to 12 weekly 2 hour art workshops. Workshops are small groups of up to 8 young people and led by professional artists. Activities can include drawing and painting, print-making and simple sculpture.

︎HEADSTART Music (8 – 13) & (13 – 17)

This Mindfulness music programme is made up of 10 weekly 2 hour music workshops, with the option to continue subject to availability. Aimed at everybody from the experienced musician to those with little or no experience. The programme is supported by the MK’s Music Faculty and Music Education Hub. Workshops are small groups of up to 8 people and led by professional artists.

︎ HEADSTART Mind, Body & Soul (13 17)

This programme provides up to 3 sessions per week for a total of 4 - 6 weeks. Dance exercises are teamed with discussions around feelings in your body. This programme is supported and led by professional performers at Motus Dance.

HEADSTART Gallery of Recent Artworks

Good to know...

All workshops are FREE of charge and all materials are provided. Sessions are friendly and welcoming, and no previous arts/music experience is necessary. In the workshops we do not ask you to talk about why you are attending, but you will be asked to complete an evaluation form aimed at measuring the health benefits of participating.

How can a young person take part?
All HEADSTART programmes are available on a referral basis for young people who experience depression, stress, anxiety and/or pain. You can ask your GP, a support worker or health care provider if they think it would benefit you. 

You can also refer your young person directly if you wish. Simply complete the form and return to us.

Referral Forms:
For a referral form please download the form below:

Referral Form Word.doc

or contact us on:

︎  referrals@artsforhealthmk.org.uk.

︎ 01908 996124

What happens?

When we receive your referral we will contact you and invite you to attend one of our HEADSTART programmes via Zoom.

︎Looking for Activities to try at home whilst we process your referral?
Have you tried our online activities yet? There is plenty to explore from home including photography ideas, painting tips and music to listen to. Explore here

Headstart is funded by MK Community Foundation and supported by Camphill Milton Keynes Communities.

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