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Mindful Mandala Activities

Suitable Ages 5+ to Adult

Are you feeling inspired by our mandala art? It’s time to have a go at making your own, we show you how in our activities below ︎︎︎

  1. ︎ How to make Natural Mandala’s
  2. ︎ Mandala Art Video Tutorial
  3. ︎ Mandala Drawing Pages and Templates to download

Activity 1:

︎ Natural Mandala’s

Make temporary mandala sculptures using natural resources, we think it’s an incredibly relaxing and a quick activity too!


  1. Collect natural materials of different shapes, sizes and colours e.g. pebbles, leaves, flower petals
  2. Find a sheltered spot outdoors to make your artwork. -  If you are at Milton Keynes University Hospital you find a quiet spot and some materials in one of the Creative Courtyards. 
  3. Sort your materials into shapes, sizes, textures and colours etc.
  4. Pick a natural object as the centre of your circle
  5. Create an inner circle with objects of a similar theme
  6. Continuing in themes work your way outwards expanding your circle until you are finished
  7. Take a photograph as a memento of your artwork
  8. Have another go and experiment with different patterns

Activity 2:

︎︎ Make your Own Mandala Tutorial

Watch the video below to learn how to draw and colour your own Mindful Mandala from scratch, with one of our lead artists at Arts for Heath MK.

Activity 3:

Download our free mandala drawing templates and colouring pages below ︎

- no resources? Copy individual images onto a digital device and colour on an app such as Paint and create a digital mandala instead.

Mindful Mandala Menu ︎︎︎

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