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28 March 2024

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IATE Student Art Therapist - Julie Laugere

26 March 2024

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IATE Student Art Therapist - Julie Laugere

26 March 2024

“I am a trainee art psychotherapist and counsellor who works using a variety of art forms to aide expression and communication. I am also an artist and teacher with over 30 years of experience working with children. I am currently working with pupils who are struggling to access mainstream education or are in a specialist alternative provision. Working creatively as a teacher, artist and trainee therapist, I am able to support the wellbeing of pupils who may be unable to access school due to anxiety, emotionally based school avoidance, special educational needs or medical needs.

Art psychotherapy can be especially helpful when words are difficult, painful or impossible. You do not need to be good at art, instead these sessions explore your story, feelings and emotions which may arise as you create art or on reflection, helping to process in a contained, non-judgemental, safe space, with the therapist as a witness.

Since September, I have been privileged to have worked with three clients from Arts for Health MK for 50-minute weekly sessions over a period of 3-6 months. These quotes from clients, allow us an insight into their recent art therapy experiences”:

“Life changing, and trauma releasing in a safe environment. Julie helped me find and connect with my inner child self again.” The therapy allowed for “rewarding progress” and was “patient focused, amazing.”

Receiving these funded art therapy sessions, “have added so much more ‘peace and presence’ to my life”.

“I have found my art therapy very helpful. I feel my anxiety is better, and I am better on my own. I feel my therapist has enabled me to feel more confident in myself, giving me strategies to help me get off to sleep at night. Also, she has given me a space I feel comfortable talking about a lot of difficult issues.”

As a student and client of art therapy

“As a student studying an MA in Art Psychotherapy and Counselling, I have had the opportunity to experience art therapy as a client. Working and processing my own narrative, my inner world and my relationship with others through the arts, has been life changing. The following is an image created during an art therapy session, which explored my relationship to others within a group. The image through discussion in therapy, led to an awareness of fixed patterns of relating in groups, which with insight I was able to begin to change.”    

                        “Diving in and connecting”

“This example shows a variety of art materials being used to create a self-portrait, which led to further work exploring different parts of myself and shame”:
                    ‘Self-portrait, another part of me’

“Through psychotherapy using the arts, we can have the opportunity to not only explore ourselves and relationships using the visual arts, but also by using a sand tray, puppets, music, drama, clay, poetry and the body. All of which can offer us a channel to access and express difficult emotions, feelings and tell our stories.”

“After completing my placement, I am planning to register with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) where I hope to go on to offer therapy through the arts in private practice, with groups and in community settings.” 

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